2014 – Incredible Year

2014 - Incredible Year - Kelly Rennie

Last day of 2014!!

What an incredible year…

**We were blessed with another child, gorgeous little Eden
**We moved to a new country with sunshine & sand
**My business has reached new levels of success, helping thousands of females transform their lives & health
**I’ve coached some extraordinary fitpros with their businesses

**So very thankful for all my family, friends & coaches that have been a crucial part of my life & success this year, couldn’t have done it with out you…

**Although I’ve definitely had my challenges too! When you strive for greatness, people will always challenge you, bring you down anyway they can but what I have learnt that it’s only their problem, jealously, their limiting beliefs in life and that it has nothing to do you… These people fade away and you end up surrounding yourself with people that believe in your journey, stay true and live a positive life……

2015 is going to be yet another incredible year and I can’t wait!!

Thank you all so much for you support.. xx