Transform your BODY and calm your MIND in just 8 weeks with my step-by-step EXPERT advice…

Do you want to feel toned and confident but just can’t find the time? Maybe you just can’t find the motivation to get the results you deserve?

The 8-week ‘Busy Mum Transformation Program’ has been created by world-renowned Fitness Trainer Kelly Rennie and mum of two. She can help you to instil positive habits, destroy negative self-sabotaging thought patterns and teach you the proven training techniques and exercise routines that can get you back in shape FAST.

You can benefit immensely from this program if:

  • You find you are always too busy to exercise or prepare healthy meals for yourself
  • You’ve found other fitness programs to be too complicated or time-consuming
  • Everyone else takes priority except you
  • You’ve tried everything but nothing seems to have worked the way you wanted it to
  • You NEED expert guidance, support and advice from a recognised specialist but you don’t want to pay the earth for it
  • You want to lose 2-3 waist sizes but you just don’t have the simple step-by-step plan in place to achieve it
  • You want to look and feel younger all of the time
  • You can’t stand any more fad diets, dangerous supplements or marketing hype from so-called ‘experts’
  • You want your sexy, lean, desirable body back… right now

Discover all of the tips, tricks and secrets that allowed a busy mum struggling with her eating and weight to become the UK’s leading fitness model, personal trainer and published writer.

The ‘Busy Mum Program’ is a unique system that deals with our minds first – our negative tendencies and habits that destroy our hard work and make our goals seem impossible. Not until we realise ‘we can and will achieve our dream body’ do we move on to the training section.

The Program provides:

  • An 8-week home or gym program, specifically designed to fit into your busy lifestyle and get results in the time that you have available
  • Motivational workout music that will keep you going long after you would normally have thrown in the towel
  • A proven, step-by-step 8-week nutrition guide, complete with full meal plans so you don’t have to worry about anything - Family friendly!!
  • Powerful techniques that can help you transform your mind-set and banish emotional eating and stress for good
  • Online daily coaching from Kelly, with 1-2-1 trainer calls to ensure you stay on track

If you are a Busy Mum and want your Toned, Sexy Body back, and results are 100% GUARANTEED!

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