Food For Fitness Interview Sept 2011

What is your nutritional plan like when you are eating for fat loss/leading up to a photo shoot or competition?
Meal 1: Banana & Protein Shake
Meal 2: 2 Eggs & 2 Egg Whites (sometimes Veg as well)
Meal 3: Sweet Potato & Chicken, turkey or fish (alternate)
Meal 4: Fish & Green Veg
Meal 5: Chicken & Salad
Meal 6: Melon & Pea Protein Shake

Do you eat clean all year round?
I eat pretty clean all year round, I don’t tend to change in weight to much which is good. I gave up eating grains and most dairy about two years ago which basically keeps me on the straight and narrow. 

Can you give us a sample of your current diet?
Well im training for the Britian Finals (BNBF) at the moment so it’s the same as the first question. This may change in the last few weeks but at the moment, its very strict and consistent.

What is your training/cardio routine like when cutting down?
I tend to increase my cardio when cutting down, not time wise though. I split it morning and then afternoon to keep the metabolism going. I still remain on splitting my weights over 4 days of the week. I also like to add in a few bootcamps circuits a week at my gym as I really enjoying changing things around.

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