For all the mothers, I totally understand now….

Well as most of you know, I have just become a mother for the first time. But firstly I want to say that I have a new found respect for all you mothers out there, I don’t think their was anything anyone could have said about motherhood to prepare me for the experiences ahead. It really has to be the most amazing feeling in the world but also the most challenging at times. What I thought Id be able to do on a daily basis has just gone out the window in these first 5 weeks. A few examples of whats been happening.

  • Taking about 4 hours to prepare myself before going out
  • Always managing to wash my hair but not blow dry
  • Getting eyeliner on but not having time for mascara
  • Walking around the house all day with my bra constantly undone feeling like a 24/7 feeding machine
  • Living on so little sleep
THE ABOVE LIST really does go on….

But to be honest its all worth it, waking up to smiles from my gorgeous girl is the best thing in the world and I really wouldn’t have it any other way.
I can TOTALLY understand why women put on weight and struggle with nutrition after having a baby. Tiredness sets in, lack of energy, lack of motivation, HORMONES the list goes on but I wanted to share a few things that have helped me which may help you with your nutrition.

  • Get your partner to stock the house with healthy food only, no processed foods, junk food, sugars etc (we all know what ones)
  • Snack on lots of good fats (Eggs, Mixed Nuts, Coconut Oil)
  • A smoothie is a great easy fast way of getting lots of nutrients in especially if you’re breast-feeding.
  • If you are feeling like you need something sweet, only have 70% + dark chocolate

EXERCISE, its probably the last thing some women want to do with all the added pressures of becoming a new mother but speaking from experience, even if it does take you an hour to get out the house a 20 minute walk will do a world of wonders. The endorphins and happiness I felt after my first walk was amazing.

So for 2012 my NEW GOAL as a mother is not only to be a great role model for my daughter and give her all the time she needs but get back to my old body shape the healthiest way possible. Focusing on my nutrition and exercising CORRECTLY but doing it as stress free as I can.

Which leads me to my NEW AT HOME ONLINE POST NATAL EXERCISE PROGRAM – NEW BABY NEW BODY. I am and will be doing this myself. Will be launching it end of August. This program is going to be easy enough to do at home in your own living room, elementaing all the stresses of having to make it to a gym. It will work with you and your baby, so limiting any added stress. More details to follow soon……

These are the results from my first 2 weeks (Phase 1) p Please note, NO exercise in this phase