How to Cultivate the Fat Loss Mind-set

How to Cultivate the Fat Loss Mind-set

On your journey to better health and fitness your mind can either be your greatest ally, or most dangerous enemy. The truth is that nothing can stop you from reaching your goals if your thinking is in the right place. With a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude that is not easily influenced by external factors you are more than halfway there already. Don’t believe me? Use the quick tips below to cultivate your own fat loss mind-set and see how fast you reach your goals.

Write down what you want to achieve

It’s easy to justify giving up a diet or not having the body you deserve when you haven’t written it down. The act of committing something to paper does something magical to our minds and mind-set. Far from being just an abstract thought that we can take or leave our goal is now a physical reality. It’s tangible and accountable so now we will have to do it.

Another great thing to do is to write a journal. The simple act of writing down daily thoughts, emotions, fears and ambitions helps us to find clarity where perhaps we couldn’t see it before. Sometimes it’s nice just to write down and remind ourselves of all the positive things we are truly thankful for. This energy can help us to sustain our fat loss efforts when things get tough and we are craving all of the wrong things.

Visualise your end goal

Visualising goals and intended outcomes has been a valuable success tool for a long time. It works because our minds believe whatever we input them with.

To visualise a goal simply hold it in mind with all of its details. Energise the mental image with a positive emotion such as excitement, happiness or gratitude. For example, visualise yourself with your ideal body and feel great happiness for having it.

The beauty is that the more we visualise our goals the more motivated we become to achieve them. Mental and emotional obstacles that may have been blocking our way get dissolved in the sheer light of our willpower.

Read Success Stories

There is absolutely nothing more inspirational than reading the stories of people who have already done what you want to do. Not only do they provide ideas on how to plot your own journey, they show that your goals are 100% possible. Make it a habit to spend 10-20 minutes a day reading the stories of successful people. It will send your motivation levels through the roof. Finding case studies with before and after photos can be particularly helpful when trying to lose weight. Knowing that something has been done before is a powerful way to keep yourself pushing when things aren’t going well. If they can do it you can too!

If you can do these four things and make them part of your daily routine you will be fit and healthy in no time. Not only that, you’ll have the skills to go one step further, create a new goal, or do something else worthwhile you never thought you could. Good luck!