Inspirational Mothers In The Fitness Industry

I decided to write this blog post because I know how hard these ladies work in the fitness industry; not only promoting health & fitness but as mothers as well.

Becoming a Mommy sets new challenges in life, finding a balance again of work, life, family and health can be challenging at times, but these women are the ones to look up to for inspiration and motivation as they have done it well.

Getting your body back post baby isn’t the easiest but these women have all been able to do it plus so much more. Not saying that it is an easy process but it is possible with the right direction, support, motivation, goals and guidance.

These ladies inspire me and I know many others. I’m about to become a mother again, having two girls under the age of two I’m sure will bring more challenges but I’m ready to take them on and find a balance going forward…

Here are a few things that help me find a balance with family & health:

• Taking time out for me, whether it’s time at the gym or a bath at night
• Getting to bed early, reading or just listening to music
• Asking for help when I need it
• Starting the morning being thankful for everything I have in my life
• Focus on my goals and surrounding myself with people who will support them
• Dedicate my lifestyle to keeping fit & healthy

These are the mothers that inspire me in the fitness industry and I’m sure you will agree:

Jamie Eason USA Fitness Model/Writer

Facebook: Jamie Eason

Jamie Eason

Jamie Eason

Ashley Horner –  Fintess Model / Figure Competitor



Ashley Horner Fitness Model

Chady Dunmore IFBB PRO

Chadys Facebook

Chady Dunmore

Raechelle Chase IFBB Figure Professional

Rachelles Facebook


Raechelle Chase

Nina Simone Ross Figure & Bikini Pro



Nina Ross