Lesson learnt….

Exactly 1 year ago to the day I took myself to a local Café and decided to write down my goals. One of them was to compete in a Figure competition, I achieved that and so much more, last year was better than I ever thought possible.

As you can see from the photo above I went to the same Café yesterday and did it all again for this year. I made sure that I put my year’s mission, small & long term goals and how I was going to achieve them; this was all recorded in fine detail.Doing this has given me so much motivation at a difficult time for me.

A lot of you know that I have just opened up my second gym, its so exciting to be reaching yet another goal in my life but its been hard work. Trying to manage training and run two gyms I unfortunately pushed myself a bit too far. A month ago I found a large cyst on my throat/Thyroid; unfortunately it has gotten bigger by the day and has affected my training and energy levels.I have been mostly positive about it as I do believe our thoughts can create things to get worse but due to long hours working and not listening to my body I have now had to take the past week off to rest. I will be going in for surgery hopefully in the next couple of weeks and will recover in a speedy manner!

A lesson learnt, you MUST listen to your body. Stress can cause the body illness and when you have your dreams and goals ahead, it’s so important to pick up all the signs. Here are some pointers to get you on the right track; these are things I will be following from now on:

*Make sure you do have a rest day from training
*Enjoy life, friends and family
*Become one with Nature eg. Walk outside
*Read motivational and inspirational books or magazines
*Take up yoga or some type of meditation