First Time Motherhood so far… 14 Weeks in!

First Time Motherhood so far… 14 Weeks in!

So first of all I want to say that I still think all mothers ROCK!! I really do look at mums in such a different way now and have total respect for every single one of you.

I was never brought up around babies, so Nevaeh was my first nappy change, first everything in fact so Ive learnt fast and most probably the hard way.. But I wouldn’t have changed anything I have done in the last 14 weeks as she seems to be the happiest baby right now.

Although the smiles are worth it, it is also a very challenging job at times. My partner is an international dj and happened to be away for 2 weeks and he managed to miss the growth spurt and endless hours of screaming. Thank goodness for the car, never thought Id have to drive for 2 hours just to get my baby to sleep. Lucky I have only had to do that once.

There have been very tearful days and very happy days, sometimes I just want to be acknowledge for just how hard this mother role can be…. A BIG PAT on the back I suppose!!!

Finding time for eating healthy and exercising was always going to be a priority but some days the exercise just doesn’t happen and thats okay too…. Finding a balance between all these new challenges is what its all about..

So what I will say is for all those mothers out there that have not quite found a balance, ITS OKAY. Making small efforts a time is better than none and if you decide that you need a rest day, rest!!! As it gives you the power to move on the next…