My 14 Nutrition Rules

I get asked all the time about what kind of food I eat, diet I’m on etc….. For me I find it easier just sticking to a few rules which help outline what food I choose on a daily basis… So here it goes…

1) If its processed and you cant read the ingredients on the back, DON’T EAT IT!
2) Buy organic or local produce when possible – This means less pesticides and hormone free animal meats
3) Cut out sugar!!
4) Cut out sweeteners
5) Eat raw foods – Take the time to learn one new recipe a week
6) Cut down on your fruit consumption, use low GI berries/fruit
7) When choosing fish make sure its wild caught and not farm raised.
8) Drink Filtered or bottled water, avoid drinking or eating out of plastic.50 weight loss tips
9) Increase your fiber intake, lots of vegetables
10) PLUS Eat more green vegetables
11) Cut down on processed grains or eliminate them completely and use sweet potatoes as your carb source (or some organic quinoa).
12) Use probiotics, vit c, enzymes & omega daily
13) Use coconut oil and grass fed butter
14) Mix your foods around, not only for variety but different nutrients.