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Listen To What Our Clients Have To Say!

This is wonderful and well worth it.  Thank you Kelly Rennie.

This is the first program that has made sense and I could follow because it put together smartly and so easy to follow, with a great support group :) I definitely recommend this!!”

I want to Motivate others who want to loss their Weight


Here I am, coming to the end of the first two weeks, I am feeling amazing, have no sugar cravings at all, seriously, none!

I am fitting into the smallest clothes I own and I’m already 2.5 kilos lighter. The meal plan has been fantastic, easy to follow and delish!

Thank you so much Kelly


Are You Fed Up & Frustrated With Your Body?

Have You Tried Everything Without Any Real Success?

What You Don't Know Is Holding You Back... Discover The Methods I Use To Stay  Slim, Strong & Healthy...

Are You Ready To Start You Remarkable Journey?

The Only Thing You Really Have To Lose Is The Stubborn Fat You're So Frustrated With!


I’m so confident you will achieve your own REMARKABLE results that I’m offering a 90 day money back guarantee.

Use the program, if you don’t get the results you expected then contact me for support, then try the program again!

If you follow the program as laid out, then you will only be contacting me to send me your before and after photos!


Is this a Post Natal Program?
No this is not. Please visit

What level of fitness do I need?
This program starts at a beginner level and is progressed over the 28 days.

Can I do this if I am a Vegetarian?
Yes you can

Can I do my normal exercise routine while on this program?
The program is a beginner level program with progressions for more advanced fitness levels. If you can complete the Remarkable Fat Loss workouts and adhere to the 4 Principles you are welcome to add additional exercise but it is not required.

What kind of nutrition should we expect?
The program is based on elimination of processed foods/removal of toxins/clean eating, with delicious recipes and an easy to follow 28 day meal plan.

Will I need to purchase supplements?
Yes you will, but the supplements are optional but recommend to maximise results.

What if I cant eat certain foods?
Please email me BEFORE purchasing this program.

How much weight should I expect to lose?
Each individual will be different, depending on starting position, compliance plus many other contributing factors.

What kind of food will I be eating?
Recipes will be made up of eggs, meat, fish, poultry, nuts, fruit & vegetables

Any questions - Please email

Please read the Disclaimer in the Terms & Conditions before starting this program.