Please give the stewardess your full attention….

I start my first blog from 30,000 feet in the air on a plane from Manchester to Dubai. Its my 29th birthday in approximately 4 hours and I just cant wait to get this year fully started!

You all probably know that this past year has been a real success for me. Placing 3rd in the British Natural Body Building Federation, winning the World Sports Model Agency Competition, becoming a sponsored athlete and also opening up my own very successful gym in Sheffield.
On Friday just gone I reached yet another chapter in my life, I resigned from my day job as an office manager, not really planned but I suppose being thrown in the deep end can only be an exciting opportunity (positive thinking).. We are also about to open up our second gym which I will be instructing at every day and am now dedicated to working on my website full time to provide you all with the latest information in fitness and health.
My passion this year is to reach as many people as possible and be a true ambassador in the health & fitness industry. I love what I do and being able to help people at the same time is a real dream come true.