Public Speaking & Events

Kelly has taken stage at some of the World's leading fitness events such at UK's biggest Expo Body Power, Scotland's Fitness SFN Expo and Australia's Health & Fitness Expo. Focusing on her passion when it comes to health & fitness and empowering females & Mums with her powerful message.

Kelly's vision is to inspire people all over the world to be fitter, healthier and successful in both their business and personal life

Kelly does this in a variety of ways:

- Speaking to groups and conferences globally on Health & Fitness Topics

- Offers Weight Loss and Fitness and Health Programs

- Providing resources online and offline (books, articles and other mediums)

- Engaging the Community by running Inspiring Events

If you would like to enquire directly please email:

Kelly Rennie International Fitness Speaker

Kelly Rennie International Fitness Speaker

"Choose The Life You Want To Lead"