The #1 Weight Loss App for Busy Mums

The #1 Weight Loss App for Busy Mums

Becoming the best mom you can be is a 24/7 job that demands 100% persistence and dedication. It’s not like you can just leave at 5pm. This is it. You owe it to yourself and your baby to give it your heart and soul, out of love.

Add in all of the other parts of life, such as work, family, friends and health, and it’s easy to see how a new mom can become overwhelmed. Some of the ‘musts’ of losing weight, such as tracking food intake and keeping records of your exercise, can just seem too much, on top of everything else that is already going on. This is one of the main reasons that people don’t achieve their fitness goals or, if they do, fall quickly back into old habits.

Thankfully there are a few great options out on the market that directly help busy people to keep their fitness goals on track. My favourite is the Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal.


There are three main features of the app that are worth mentioning here. The first is the exercise tracker, which has over 350 exercises pre-loaded into its database when you begin. It also has example strength and cardio workouts you can follow, as well as yoga and pilates sessions if you want to mix things up.
The second feature is the calorie counter, which allows you to set your goals and record what you actually eat throughout the day. After a while it also stores your favourite foods and meals so it is easy to record them quickly.

The final feature – and no less important – is the MyFitnessPal community, which allows you to interact with other users and share your personal journeys towards better health. Once all of the numbers are taken care of, if there is one thing that can help people achieve their fitness goals it is having a supportive network to back them up when the going gets tough.

What I really love about the MyFitnessPal app is how convenient and flexible it is. Being a busy mum myself I don’t have time to be reading the back of food packets and making detailed calculations before every meal. The app makes all of this easy by having a ready-made database of 3,282,000 different kinds of food. You can also add other foods if they aren’t there from the start.

What’s also great is how the makers of the app seem to realise that fitness is never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ thing. The ability to customize diet profiles to fit specific needs or medical requirements is huge. It’s almost like having a qualified nutritionist in your pocket.

The only issue I have is that counting calories is not always the best (or healthiest) way to lose weight. Though, strictly speaking, a calorie is a calorie, eating more nutritious foods in favour of processed ones will have much farther-reaching benefits than whether you look lean or not. Only counting calories makes it much easier to slack off and eat whatever, as long as you are within a certain number. It can also be the cause of compulsive behaviour, if not kept in check.
One more thing: you need to be within range of an internet connection if you want to update your stats, which can be annoying if you’re not.

All in all the Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal is a great tool for anybody looking to get in great shape. It can’t do the hard work for you but, if you persist, it will make life easier when you get really busy.

And the best part? It’s free on both Android and the iPhone.

Go and check it out.