The Truth…. and The Next Chapter – Feb 2013

I start this new blog as I close the pages on a chapter in my life and I enter a new one, not through choice but through hardship.

Would you believe me if I said:
• I hadn’t exercised properly in 8 weeks?
• That I am now a single mum to my beautiful 8 month old daughter?
• And, that I am now having to start a new life on the other side of the world?

Well all the above is true and is unfortunately now my reality, as hard as it is. Life for anybody can hit lows like nothing they’ve experienced before. It can happen to anyone at any time and totally unexpectedly, but it is how we go through the motions and emotions to handle it that makes us stronger people.

Denial/Isolation – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – Acceptance

These are all stages we must go through after losing a life partner suddenly, whether it be through an affair, a break up or even death.

For me personally I’m not too sure what stage I’m at, but I do know its about accepting those stages and letting them pass in our own time.

The torment and hurt you go through can be like no other pain ever felt before. Trying to focus on positive things ahead can be very hard as the beauty of love is such a powerful tool but also can be the most deadly.

For me this past 6+ weeks have been like living in survival mode just eat, drink, sleep not to mention trying to be a super mum. Feeling as though your worst nightmare has become true is a harsh reality. Anger then sets in, just to deal with getting up in the morning and now it is about figuring out just how to start your life all over again, which seems impossible at times.

Having to believe on a daily basis that this will only make you a stronger person is a must, but then hoping for the time to come when you can look back and have that feeling confirmed is the difficult part and sometimes you end up praying every minute for that confirmation.

I’m sharing my journey with you as I’m sure I am not the only person who has gone through these feelings or chapters in life before. I am sharing this to not only help myself but help others.

Friends & family are the most important survival tool during this time, surrounding yourself daily using them to get through hard times. You’ll probably see people come out of nowhere to show just how much they care for you. LISTEN to what they say, BELIEVE what they say and let them guide you through. Everyday it will get better, every week it will get better but if your like me, sometimes you just want the pain and memories to just go away and never come back.

Becoming a mother has to be the most treasured thing a female can experience but it also can be the most challenging, having to face the world doing it by myself I can only admit to being scared. I brought my daughter into this world with two of us and now I must do it alone. This ONLY makes me a more determined positive individual to make sure I do the best job possible, as my baby deserves the world.

I accept people change along the journey of life but its how someone does it that really represents what kind of person he or she is. We treat people how WE want to get treated and as Paulo Coelho says from the Alchemist, “just put those people on your blacklist and let Karma take care of them”.

So I’ve decided to start a journal of my new journey in life, my start back to proper exercise, getting my vitality and energy back. Sharing with you my journey as a single mum, travelling the world and shining bright. Also tools that may help other people in the world who have experienced similar chapters like me.

This is only yet another chapter to the book of my life that I always said I would complete!!

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