Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Australian Mums

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Australian Mums

By Kelly Rennie

Becoming a mum is one of the most amazing and rewarding things you can do. You really can’t understand the rollercoaster of emotions you go through until you experience it first-hand.

As great as it is, however, it can play havoc with your waistline!

Most new mums, a few months after giving birth, end up looking in the mirror and wondering what has happened. I know I did. That’s why I’ve created this easy-to-follow list of weight loss tips that you can use anywhere. In only a few short weeks you should start to see a dramatic difference in how you look and feel.

  • Stay hydrated

Getting dehydrated in a warm climate is very easy. It can also be a huge stumbling block towards losing weight and performing well during exercise sessions. When your body is running low on water reserves you grow significantly weaker and lose concentration. Over time you become so fatigued you simply can’t perform effectively anymore. To combat this make sure you drink at least two litres of water daily. I guarantee you’ll feel much better and your skin will thank you for it too.

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

This might seem like obvious advice but you’d surprised how many people don’t follow it! Fruits and vegetables are jam-packed with nutritional value – so much so that you’re really selling yourself short if you don’t eat at least a few portions every day. Next time you are food shopping make it a rule to avoid the processed ‘junk’ food aisles (you know the ones) and stick to the fresh/organic sections. You won’t be sorry.

  • Keep your digestive system healthy

A poor digestive system is usually caused by consistently bad food choices. Not only does this leave you feeling sluggish and overweight, it also means your body isn’t making the most of the food it does consume. Health issues can follow. If this sounds like you act now and change up your diet. Drop the processed foods and go natural. Eating probiotic yogurts filled with good bacteria can also help heal your digestive system.

  • Don’t drink you calories

Kelly Rennie

Ever heard the saying “liquid calories don’t count”? Yeah, that’s rubbish. The fact is, a lot of people miss out on their weight loss goals because they drink calorie-laden coffees and milkshakes. Add all of the calories from actual solid food and you can see where the trouble comes from. The fastest way to lose weight, bar none, is to drop all calorific drinks and stick to water, black coffee and green tea.

  • Pack a healthy lunch

When you’re in the middle of something at work it’s all too easy to grab some fast food to save time. Short-term this works fine. Long-term it can only lead to weight gain, mental lethargy and digestion problems. Don’t be that girl/guy. If you work a sedentary job make sure you are not eating more calories than you need by cooking healthy foods in advance. You could even cook a huge amount in one ago, then separate it into portions and freeze until needed.

  • Bring the family on-board

Losing weight can sometimes feel like a lonely, unrewarding job and having a supportive family to counter-balance the tough times can make a world of difference to the end-result. Getting the family interested in fitness and losing weight isn’t as hard as you think. Why not all take up a sport together, or adopt a pet you can take for long walks as a family?

  • Supplement wisely

Reliance on supplements to meet your daily nutritional needs isn’t recommended but using them wisely certainly is. Investing in good quality basics such as a multi-vitamin and omega 3 capsules will give you a great head-start and can act as a nutritional ‘insurance policy’ when you are strapped for time. For Australian mums the most common nutrient deficiencies are iodine, iron and calcium, so you might want to consider supplementing your current intake of those too.

  • Learn to love protein

Love it or hate it, protein has a key role to play in effective (and consistent) weight loss. Lean varieties such as chicken and turkey are low in calories, carbohydrates and fats, and can be added to literally thousands of dishes. Consider eating a good portion of lean protein with every meal and see how quickly you seem to fill up!

  • Watch your alcohol intake

We all enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink, especially at social occasions and celebrations. Too much alcohol, however, can cause your body to shut down its usual ‘fat burning’ mode. It can also make it harder to say no to fast foods and super-sized desserts. Keep your drink options to low/no sugar when you’re trying to lose weight (spirits and good quality wines), and then only have 1-2.

  • Be consistent

Too many people think that, in order to have a great body, you have to give up everything you enjoy. Noth50 weight loss tipsing could be further from the truth. The fact is you should get in shape so you can enjoy your life even more! Be consistent with your diet, have clear goals, and you can achieve the body of your dreams in a relatively short amount of time. Mommy’s can be hot too, you know.