Top 5 Celebrity Mum Quotes on Weight Loss

Gwenyth Paltro

Top 5 Celebrity Mum Quotes on Weight Loss


Ever seen a recently pregnant celebrity on a magazine cover and wondered how she looks so great so soon?

Me too.

The thing is, losing baby weight is an emergency matter in celebrity-land. It’s a huge topic, which is why we see so much of it splashed across front pages and blogs. How did she do that? How much did she gain when she was pregnant?

I don’t envy them at all.

Imagine how you’d feel trying to exercise and diet your way to your pre-baby body whilst seeing your picture everywhere? It wouldn’t be fun, though I suppose it would be motivating.Gwenyth Paltro

Though a lot of celebrity moms are closed to questions about the pressure to lose baby weight, there are a few who have voiced interesting opinions on the subject. Happily, not everyone seems to follow the unspoken rules. Here are the top 5 quotes on weight loss from celebrity moms:


  • Gwyneth Paltrow

“You can really put pressure on yourself – I didn’t. I was at home in sweatpants and breastfeeding for a long time. I really took my time. And when I started to want to get back into shape, I was so thankful to find (celebrity personal trainer) Tracy (Anderson).”


  • Jessica Simpson

“I really have to separate myself from the world’s expectations and really just be healthy with myself. I’m not a supermodel. My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. I’m just your everyday woman.”


  • Drew Barrymore

“Absolutely not. I want nothing to do with that hamster wheel from hell (the Hollywood expectation to lose baby weight quickly). It seems miserable. I want to be healthy enough that I feel good mentally and I don’t care what the weight is.”


  • Kendra Wilkinson

“I had to really look deep into myself and think more about myself. I’m a deep thinker and there’s this thing I always think about: what if today, mirrors just went away? What if I had no pictures of myself? Would I feel great, would I feel pretty? And the answer is: yes I would. The mirror can play tricks on you.”


  • Tracy Anderson

“In my first pregnancy 14 years ago, I gained 60 pounds and it was the most nightmarish thing to get off. I was so happy to not have to worry about going into pregnancy this time; I knew what I was doing. I followed my own advice during this second pregnancy and gained around 33 pounds. I was able to lose it all in about eleven weeks.”


If you are about to start dropping your pregnancy weight and feel like you have a mountain to climb don’t get disheartened. Re-read the quotes above and realise that – no matter who we are – we are all in the same situation. With the right advice and motivation you could have the body of your dreams in a matter of months, but it’s being inwardly happy that will make the biggest (and most lasting) difference in your life.